Regional Research Support

Regional Research Support at Oslo University Hospital offers services to employees in the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority. Resources, tools and other information presented on the web site are intended as an aid to researchers and other personnel involved in research at the health region's hospitals. As part of South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority, you are also welcome to contact one of the Research Support's departments / professionals for advice and guidance.

Regional Research Support is still available although many work from home and most meetings and courses take place digitally. Use the contact addresses listed under the individual themes on the website.

Covid-19 studies

As part of Corona readiness and need for overview and coordination of Covid-19 studies, a dedicated website with useful information has been established. The website is in Norwegian only and will be currently updated.


Project execution

There are many types of studies to be found within a hospital, but common to all of them is that they should be planned, initiated, conducted and completed in line with the regulations. Oslo University Hospital has governing documents for different types of studies, which are published in the hospital's electronic manual (eHåndboken). Below you can find procedures that apply to different phases of various types of projects.


During the course of the research, questions related to very specific issues will emerge. This can apply to everything from ethics and privacy to biobank and register. We have gathered information on various thematic areas in the section below.


Below you will find a collection of relevant tools, standardized agreements and templates and an overview of current courses and solutions that may be useful for the conduct of your project.