Department of Biobank and Registry Support, Research Support Services 

Do you need a system to keep track of included research participants and collected samples in your research biobank? Don’t worry – eBiobank can fix this!

eBiobank is an electronic tracking system for REC approved general and specific research biobanks. Registration of samples is standardized; you will get an overview where your samples are stored, with an overview of sample amount in your specimens. Sample search and withdrawals are logged. Sensitive information is encrypted and the user is working with disidentified participant numbers. Each participant can have several samples linked to it and the samples get unique sample numbers.

Does this sound interesting?

For more information about how to establish a research biobank in eBiobank, parameters that are registered in eBiobank, import of existing material, costs, and equipment compatible with eBiobank - please contact OUH system advisor Line Eide Solhaug.

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