Reporting of clinical treatment studies

Annual reporting of clinical treatment studies in the hospitals is carried out by order of the Ministry of Health and Care Services (HOD). If you are the project manager for a clinical treatment study, you are responsible for reporting how many new patients were included for each participating hospital the previous year. Prior to the reporting which takes place each spring, you will receive an email with a personal link to the web form used for reporting.

Reporting is important for calculation of regional research funding. The reported data will form the basis for the introduction of a new indicator in the national system for results-based financing of the hospitals. This indicator includes the number of new patients included per year as well as start-up of new clinical treatment studies and coordinator responsibilities.

The background for the reporting is a political aim to give more patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. In order to encourage more trials, the new indicator is introduced in addition to the existing factors in the national metrics system for research and innovation activities at the hospitals. Regional Research Support at OUS coordinates reporting on behalf of the authorities. Results must be reported annually to HOD.

For more information on reporting of clinical treatment studies, see: (web page in Norwegian).