Health Research Portal in Cristin – Current Research Information System In Norway

On the Cristin website under "What can you find in Cristin?" a health projects portal has been established with a continuous overview of projects ( The portal is open to anyone and contains information about health research projects approved by the Regional Committees for Research and Health Ethics (REK) from 2016 onwards.

In the portal there are search and filtering functions that make it easy for you as a researcher or manager to find an overview of your own activity. Among other things, you will be able to filter the following:

  • Coordinating research responsible institution
  • Partners in multi-center studies (where there is more than one research institution responsible for the project)
  • Health project type
  • Whether the research is academic or industry-sponsored (in accordance with the REK definition)
  • If the use of research biobank is included
  • HRCS health category and research activity (according to the Research Council classification)

In addition to filtering, the portal gives you the opportunity to search for project manager, titles and words etc. You also have the option of sorting in a separate menu as well as downloading the lists to local disk in excel format. For more information on the health projects portal and planned further development, see Unit (article in Norwegian).

If you have general questions about the Health Research Portal, feel free to send an email to