Nyhetsbrev: Kurs og seminar - 1.11.2022

Her kan du lese nettversjon av siste nyhetsbrev fra Forskningsstøtte om våre kommende kurs, seminar og CTIS-kafé.

Nyhetsbrev: Kurs og seminarer høsten 2022 - 13.9.2022

Her kan du lese nyhetsbrev om aktuelle kurs høsten 2022. 

Service from the University of Oslo Library: Digital Scholarship Centre - 27.6.2022

At the Digital Scholarship Centre (DSC) you get guidance on how you can make the best possible use of digital tools and methods in your research and communication activities. Among the topics are Open Access, Research Data Management, Systematic search, Visualisation and Reference management.

The DSC runs a number of useful courses and workshops during the autumn of 2022 via Zoom. These are open for OUS employees.

More information, including course registration, can be found on the DSC home page.